Hello and welcome to my website, hope you find it very informative and interesting. If I had to describe myself in three words it would be: enthusiastic, fun and focused. I’d describe myself as a highly motivated and sensitive patient centered Ph.D. researcher based at the University of Wolverhampton, reviewing whether male domestic abuse victim’s voices are believed and efficiently supported when disclosing to their family and friends.

Currently I’m a Healthcare Lecturer and Module Leader at Arden University. I am an eager learner and have taken many opportunities to explore and complete training sessions across a wide range of health and social care topics, which have assisted in boarding my knowledge within the Public Health sphere.  These have included the completion of Assessor Training for Public Health England, Public Health Commissioning and qualified as an Assistant Practitioner to provide sexual health testing.

Future Plans:

My goal is to gain in-depth knowledge of male victims and be able to support healthcare professionals to develop a better understanding of domestic abuse. My hope is my research will be to assist in the tackle of stigmatisation of domestic abuse, and I intend to focus further research into male domestic abuse.

In terms of academic career, I see myself as a senior lecturer in Public Health in the future, sharing knowledge with the next generation of healthcare professionals and assisting in shaping their knowledge of domestic abuse and public health issues. As well as complete further research in domestic abuse, and research into other areas of the public health sphere that I am passionate about. While completing my Ph.D. I am keen on completing a teaching qualification to enhance my teaching experience.

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Twitter: @QUINNWA91648884

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-quinn-walker-aa5927b7

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