Management of Projects

The projects I have been involved with include but are not all are exclusively listed:

The development of the testing pilot in Sandwell, for LGBTQ, MSM (Men who have sex with Men), and Sex workers for postal kits to encourage people who may not actively seek testing at GUM clinics. The testing pilot was well received, with over 300 kits handed out within the first month. 

Assisted in the development of course modules in 2016, which are being taught at the University of Wolverhampton, focusing upon Art and Design and IT and in 2018 assisted with Art and Science courses development (MSc Human-Computer Interaction, School of Biomedical and Physiology and Validation Professional Doctorate in Arts).

Design and present a sexual health awareness project at Sandwell College for health and social students to improve their knowledge on sexual health, encourage testing, and to challenge any myths. This was well received with a further invite to provide the same training for foundation early year students. 

Module leader development of the Contemporary Debates and Skills for Care course material, which has been well received by the students, encouraging them to debates on topical subjects.

Solely organised and development of the ‘Have a happy, healthy Christmas’ event taking place in December 2016 for Terrence Higgins Trust. This event was to raise awareness of health over the Christmas period, and the event was opened by West Bromwich Mayor at West Bromwich Town Hall. The event attracted over 100 attendees who engaged in activities, received health tips, and freebies from a range of supportive organisations: Women’s Aid, Open Door (YMCA), Creative Arts and Health Watch. This was followed up with a second event ‘Happy, Healthy Christmas’ in December 2017 held at West Bromwich Town Hall. 

Lead the upgrade for Skills for Learning in Care module at Arden University, which is aimed at first year healthcare management students. To complete an upgrade, I was required to strip the current material and re-vamp it with new exciting and relevant material for students. I created a range of activities which would enhance the students learning progress using a blended learning approach. Alongside this, I reviewed and supported in the upgrade of Planning and Management Resources a second year healthcare management Arden University course. For this role, I needed to fact check and review all content uploaded and provide recommendations to enhance the learning experiences for the students.

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