Management of Projects

The projects I have been involved with include but are not all are exclusively listed:

Public Health Field

Whilst working at Terrence Higgins Trust, I have managed many aspects of the
service operated in Sandwell. In 2017, I led the postal testing kit service,
which required interaction with clients or potential clients regarding the
opportunity to complete postal testing kits. Once the test had been processed,
I led the result aspect, providing a one-to-one supportive network for reactive
and non-reactive results and input the data into our database. I obtained and
categorised data to present to Sandwell Metropolis Council to demonstrate our
ability to meet KPI’s and the demographics of clients requesting the kits. The
development of the testing pilot in Sandwell for LGBTQ, MSM (Men who have sex
with Men), and Sex workers for postal kits to encourage people who may not
actively seek testing at GUM clinics. The testing pilot was well received, with
over 300 kits handed out within the first month. 

The management role consisted of working with the Sandwell borough’s health
and social care teams, designing and developing new methods to provide a
supportive network with a limited budget. An essential aspect of my role is to
continue developing and managing the performance of the supportive services
Terrence Higgins Trust provides in Sandwell and focus on reducing the cost of
the service without implicating the quality of the service provided to clients.
Design and present a sexual health awareness project at Sandwell College for
health and social students to improve their knowledge on sexual health,
encourage testing, and challenge any myths. This was well received with another
invite to provide the same training for foundation early year students. 

The ‘Have a happy, healthy Christmas’ event was Solely organised and developed in December 2016 for Terrence Higgins Trust. This event raised awareness of health over the Christmas period, and West Bromwich Mayor opened the event at West Bromwich Town Hall. The event attracted over 100 attendees who engaged in activities, received health tips and freebies from a range of supportive organisations: Women’s Aid, Open Door (YMCA), Creative Arts and Health Watch. This was followed up with a second event, ‘Happy, Healthy Christmas’ in December 2017, held at West Bromwich Town Hall. 


Higher Education

Assisted in the development of course modules in 2016, which are being taught at the University of Wolverhampton, focusing upon Art and Design and IT and in 2018 assisted with Art and Science courses development (MSc Human-Computer Interaction, School of Biomedical and Physiology and Validation Professional Doctorate in Arts).

At the London School of Science and Technology, I was provided to become a module leader for Contemporary Debates (CD). The role consisted of attending regular meetings with other module leaders across the four campuses to discuss the development of the programs to encourage student engagement and success. My role involved developing course material distributed to all lecturers across the four campuses teaching the CD. The role allowed me to write and amend exam deadlines and provide a deadline for student feedback with the agreement with external moderators. Discussed and proposed the resources required for the module and encouraged lectures to adopt a blended learning approach using activities and documentation for students to review from home online. These are then discussed in class in the following lesson.

As a module leader at the London School of Science and Technology, all lecturers teaching CD were supported throughout their semester by providing an open policy system for lecturers to email their concerns and feedback throughout the week. An email would be sent on Thursdays/Fridays to review the week’s progress and see whether there were any issues within the classes on the topics discussed, as some of these are sensitive topics (sexual health, end of life and abuse within care). As well as to check whether the lecturers needed further support or materials.

Module leader development of the Contemporary Debates and Skills for Care course material has been well received by the students, encouraging them to debates on topical subjects. Lead the upgrade for Skills for Learning in Care module at Arden University, aimed at first-year healthcare management students. To complete an upgrade, I was required to strip the current material and re-vamp it with new exciting and relevant material for students. I created a range of activities that would enhance the students learning progress using a blended learning approach. Alongside this, I reviewed and supported the upgrade of Planning and Management Resources, a second-year healthcare management Arden University course. For this role, I needed to fact check and review all content uploaded and provide recommendations to enhance the learning experiences for the students.

In 2021, I began to develop two modules for Arden University: Evidence-based practice and Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health Management. An evidence-based practice module has been developed to explore the influence evidence-based practice has on the care system, the partnership between population health and healthcare system approaches, and the strengths of evidence-based practices within a healthcare environment and how to overcome barriers. Meanwhile, the Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health Management module is being developed for the Global Health Master’s at Arden University, exploring gender representation over time and how gender is represented in literature. As well as this, the module explores gender identities.

In 2021,I  assisted as an INSPIRE project administrator for Warwick University; the role was to support the University at the INSPIRE event, a 2-year collaboration with Swansea Medical School to provide early research experience and opportunities to graduate-entry medical students. My role consisted of liaising with attendees, developing advertising material and chaperone attendees at the event. In addition, I supported the bursary scheme, formatted the certificates for attendees and winners of the research presentations. I collaborated the feedback and formatted the feedback forms to assist in future events.

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