My Teaching Vision

No student should feel left behind in teaching, and when I am teaching, my ultimate aim is for all my students to feel comfortable to approach me with any problems or queries regardless of whether its course-related or personal. Therefore, creating a strong foundation of trust and respect between the lecturer and student. Students at University should be treated to a warm welcome when joining and feel they have been provided the platform to develop and build strong relationships for their career progression. Student’s learning curve has changed over the last twenty years due to technological advantages, and I feel the need is to ensure this is incorporated into their learning objectives and the learning methods.

Relationship building between students and lecturers is one core element to the development and progression of students. From my own experience, as a student having an open dialogue with a lecturer has inspired me to progress further. Thus, allowing my thirst for my research to develop further. Providing a supportive network for students enables growth, enables their confidence to build, leading to academic success. By building a conversation with students via the preferred methods, emails, or meetings could allow for resolution of any issues the student may feel. As a previous student, it is essential for fellow students to feel they’re a visual presence, to ensure students can notify their lecturer of concerns and know whom to direct queries to.

Teaching aims to provide students will ample opportunities to explore themselves, feel empowered, and continue to have a thirst for knowledge post-education. By developing a blended learning approach, a visible teaching sphere of influence within their subject area will occur, inspiring the next generation of students. Thus, providing students the opportunity to be exposed to relevant information and concepts that could assist them in their future careers.

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