Socioeconomic Researcher

The WCG research project aimed to develop the context that would influence the Governors, leaders and managers in creating the corporate plan for the next five years. The WCG group provides education and training for 16 – 18-year-olds and adults with courses and apprenticeships for undergraduate degrees. The research was to assist the college group in meeting the local, regional, and national needs.

My role was to provide insight into the population youth projection projections and consider how the industry is changing. The report included information showcasing the influences in industry, which would need to be incorporated into the education provisions provided and reviewing the level of qualifications, employment, and employment opportunities in local areas that need WCG sites. Furthermore, I evaluated the national skills, education, employment and agriculture policy and analysed employment rates.

The report showcased the deprivation and demographic of the chosen areas and the support needed in line with the governments levelling up the national program. Upon reviewing A-level and course uptake, I established the most popular courses, the industry demands, and what areas of the future workforce needed further insight into to assist in securing employment post-education.

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