Module Leadership Experience

I’ve led several modules ranging from Level 3 to Master’s level.

Contemporary Debates – Analysing contemporary debates in healthcare, such as the ageing population, dignity in death, and vaccinations. The module encourages students to gather research and develop theoretical arguments on healthcare issues. 

Skills for Care – The module reviews how modern healthcare has developed. The module focuses on the importance of considering the client’s health issues and the cultural, social, and economic problems that could affect their health. The module reviews the systems in place to support patients and explores potential barriers to healthcare services. 

Leading Team in Health and Social Care – The module explores the basics of leading a team and how to motivate employees to complete their work effectively. The module explores how to improve performance without damaging work or personal relationships. In this module, students learn how to effectively resolve a variety of common conflicts which occur within the workplace. Overall the module provides the students with the characteristics to ensure they become great leaders in the healthcare industry.

Planning and Managing Resources – The module aims to develop a basic knowledge of management theories and practice in resource planning, controlling and decision making. Resource management will be explored with an emphasis on understanding and using appropriate theories to explain how business organisations respond to issues and problems within a health-related context.

Improving health for individual and populations and Foundation – This module provides the student with an insight into how to promote health. The module explores approaches to health that focus on persuading or empowering individuals to change and on changing the environment within which people live for the benefit of the collective (e.g. communities or populations).  Examining the history of organised efforts to improve health will help you to start to identify the wide range of approaches to health improvement – including associated values, policies and priorities – and how/why these may conflict. 

Health and Well-Being in Society – This module provides an opportunity for students in foundation year to explore and discuss the population, group or client group you will be working with in the future.   As health services are reoriented towards prevention of ill-health and health improvement, all health students need to consider how they may work in future to both understand the social determinants of health and the principles and practice of health promotion to improve health prevent ill-health and reduce health inequalities.

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