Module Leadership Experience

I’ve module leader several modules range from Level 4 to Master’s level.

Contemporary Debates – Analysing contemporary debates in healthcare, such as the aging population, dignity in death, and vaccinations. The module encourages students to gather research and develop theoretical arguments on healthcare issues. 

Skills for Care – The module reviews how modern healthcare has developed. The module focuses on the importance of looking behold the client’s health issues and consider the cultural, social, and economic problems that could be affecting their health. The module reviews the systems that are in place to support patients and explores potential barriers to healthcare services. 

Leading Team in Health and Social Care – The module explores the basics of leading a team, as well as how to motivate employees to complete their work effectively. The module explores how to improve performance, without damaging work or personal relationship. In this module students learn how to effectively resolve a variety of common conflicts which occur within the workplace. Overall the module provides the students with the characteristics to ensure they become great leaders in the healthcare industry.

Planning and Managing Resources – The module aims to develop a basic knowledge of management theories and practice in resource planning, controlling and decision making. Resource management will be explored with an emphasis on the understanding and use of appropriate theories to explain the ways in which business organisations respond to issues and problems within a health-related context.

Evidence Based Practice – Currently in developmental stages

Gender, Sexual and Reproductive– Currently in developmental stages

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