Dissertation Supervision Experience

I am currently supervising three undergraduate healthcare management students on their dissertation project. All three are currently working titles. My role is to provide guidance and work in partnership with the students to define and explore a current gap in knowledge in their chosen field and monitor their progression over the next year.

One topic has been confirmed, focusing on diabetes two in the Black and Minority Ethnic community. 

Undergraduate Healthcare Management and Public Health Dissertation Supervision Topics:

  • Impact of social media on the mental health of young adults of the ages of 13-19 years in the UK.
  • What are the main impacts on young women in abusive relationship aged over 18 years old?
  • Exploring the causes of high rates of suicide among middle ages men in the Merton borough of London, U.K.
  • Causes and Impacts of postnatal depression amongst women of African origin in Manchester U.K.
  • Identifying the potential causes of violence against women in the Westminster borough of London
  • Reviewing the healthcare approach to diabetes two in the Black and Minority Ethnic community. 
  • The impact of Domestic Abuse/Violence on Mental Health in the UK: a quantitative study using secondarily collected data.
  • Does owning a dog improve our mental health? (literature review)
  • The Prevalence of Domestic Violence Among Women in the UK and the Impact on their Mental Health
  • Obesity the Next Generations Problem.
  • Climate Change: Are we really trying hard enough to save Mother Earth?
  • Is Technology -Aiding Domestic Abusers?
  • Four Roots of Evil: Sexual Violence

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