PhD Research Blog Research Are Male Victims Voices Heard?

Domestic abuse has increasingly become a Public Health concern due to the emotional, physical and financial stress is has upon society. Even though the demand for supportive service is growing yearly, statistics are not a true representation of the issue. Many victims may not report their abuse due to stigma and in-particular male victims struggle with society’s expectation of being robust alpha males. 

Male victims may face immediate barriers to disclosure, in-particular within their family or friend circles. Understanding the main causes of these could improve further development of educational tools. I am interested in assisting in empowering further male victims to report their abuse and educate the nation of how to response to a disclosure. Victims must build their confidence to report, and if their initial disclosure is met with negativity, it can result in them not seeking professional help or reporting their abuse. Reviewing whether male victims feel supported and their voices heard in their initial disclosure, will provide an outlook of how society views domestic abuse. Revisiting their experiences will capture the raw information of the true stories behind the statics and provide an in-depth understanding of the potential failures of society in protecting and supporting male domestic abuse victims. Thus, resulting in my question: Are male domestic abuse victims voices heard when disclosing their abuse?

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