4th International Gender Studies Conference 19/01/20

On the 19th January 2020, I attended the 4th International Gender Studies Conference in Leeds, hosted by CRSSH, and feel incredibly luckily to be offered the opportunity to present my research “Do healthcare professionals have adequate knowledge to support male domestic abuse victims?”. This is the second time this research has been shared at an international level. The conference had attendees from all of the world; South Africa, China, USA, Germany and the United Kingdom to name a few. The conferences focus was to discuss and debate different gender matters, such as education, LGBTQIA inequalities and gender inequalities for both male and females.

There were a number of questions following my presentation, including whether there had been further development in healthcare training packages, as well as whether the research could be mirrored looking at female victims. Another question, was how I managed such data vast amount of data, as there were 100 participants. My answer is a lot of Lucozade, countless nights awake and hardly any social life for many months, while I reviewed the participants answers, created the charts and developed the common themes.

There were a number of speakers attending studying a variety of gender studies. A few that peaked my interest was on following on the gender relationships in elementary schools in Quebec, which focused on whether the teachers gender affects the learning outcomes of the students and whether male dominance could be influence schooling. Another research study I found quite interesting was the classroom as closet, following on the sexuality of teachers in China, mainly focusing on gay men, and how they often have to ‘remain in the closet’ as it were when teaching due to the influence and control of the government on society.  I am looking forward to reading more of this research as it develops.

On the website my research has been commented, on which is below (please note I have copied and pasted the comments below from the website – however I have edited my name to reflect upon my double-barred surname, but no additional edits have been made to the comment below. ) https://www.socialsciencesandhumanities.com/gender-conference-2/

“For example, Natalie Quinn- Walker from Wolverhampton University debated the position of male domestic abuse victims and the patriarchal discrimination they face. As all feminists know, in a patriarchal society both men and women face expectations and thus men are expected to be strong and not show emotions whilst women are expected to be caregivers and caring. As soon as someone does not fit into this role, problems emerge and, in this case,, the problem emerged with healthcare professionals who do not always know how to handle male domestic abuse victims and provide them adequate support.”

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