I have published a number of articles and blogs which have I included below. If you have any questions or wish to provide any feedback regarding the publications please do not hesitate to contact me. I have also added reports and articles I have contributed towards:

How automation can help male abuse victims – November 2021

Automation can only assist – it cannot replace doctors – November 2021

Automation can assist medical practitioners but it won’t replace them – September 2021

Safe, Seen, Supported – March 2021

Improve your sleep with 4 simple steps – May 2020

Sleep Deprivation Tactics by Domestic Abusers – March 2020

The other side of isolation: learning to cope with life inside – March 2020

Out of the Shadows: how information provision by broadcasters can support people affected by abuse and violence – February 2020

MIL-OSI UK: Arden University’s Natalie Quinn-Walker to present research at International Conference of Gender Studies – January 2020

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence AwarenessWeek – February 2020

Arden: School of Business and Healthcare Newsletter: Worlds Aids Day 2019 – December 2019

Education Today Newsletter – Page 21 -Music for thought : the ability to affect the youth today – December 2019

Arden: School-of-Psychology-Newsletter: Domestic Abuse: A UK Public Health Concern -October 2019

Domestic Abuse a Public Health Concern – August 2019

Are male domestic abuse victims voices heard? – November 2018

Past Time: Exploring the history of food – December 2018

Past Time: Exploring the history of food – full evaluation December 2018

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