I have published several articles and blogs I have included below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to provide feedback regarding the publications. I have also added reports and articles I have contributed towards:

A book chapter for Social Policy Diversity and Welfare in 21st Century – men and their welfare in the healthcare system, with the expected release in 2023. Once the link is available, this will be shared.


The 2030 Workforce: The jobs that will become extinct at the hands of automation – July 2022

Automation should assist healthcare workers – not replace them – July 2022

How Automation Can Help Male Abuse Victims March 2022

Health needs of men who have sex with men (MSM) who engage in chemsex in London Psychreg Journal of Psychology – December 2022


How automation can help male abuse victims – November 2021

Automation can only assist – it cannot replace doctors – November 2021

Automation can assist medical practitioners but it won’t replace them – September 2021

Safe, Seen, Supported – March 2021


Improve your sleep with 4 simple steps – May 2020

Sleep Deprivation Tactics by Domestic Abusers – March 2020

The other side of isolation: learning to cope with life inside – March 2020

Out of the Shadows: how information provision by broadcasters can support people affected by abuse and violence – February 2020

MIL-OSI UK: Arden University’s Natalie Quinn-Walker to present research at International Conference of Gender Studies – January 2020

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence AwarenessWeek – February 2020


Arden: School of Business and Healthcare Newsletter: Worlds Aids Day 2019 – December 2019

Education Today Newsletter – Page 21 -Music for thought: the ability to affect the youth today – December 2019

Arden: School-of-Psychology-Newsletter: Domestic Abuse: A UK Public Health Concern -October 2019

Domestic Abuse a Public Health Concern – August 2019


Are male domestic abuse victims’ voices heard? – November 2018

Past Time: Exploring the history of food – December 2018

Past Time: Exploring the history of food – full evaluation December 2018

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