Dementia village in Northamptonshire

University of Northampton and Northamptonshire Country Council launched a proposal to develop the county’s first specialist dementia care village. The village aims to support people living with dementia to live independently for longer in a home environment with specialised care and support on-site. The proposal was launched based upon the increasing number of people living with dementia, with an estimated 45% increase by 2030. Thus, the increasing demand for care supportive living. The facility would also offer unique research opportunities to look at new ways to tackle the disease to become a centre of excellence for dementia treatment.

My role for this project was to provide technical and academic support for research council and commercially funded research enterprise projects. As well as analysing data are focusing on active ageing and dementia and conduct literature and database searches creating literature reviews focusing on patient and public involvement groups. This was to assist in providing recommendations on developing a patient and public involvement group with people living with dementia. In addition, I provided several recommendations on how to engage and keep motivated those living with dementia engaged in a public and patient involvement group.

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