The effects of teacher pay reforms on teacher pay, teacher careers and student attainment

The project aims to review how the reforms on teacher pay have impacted teachers pay and whether this is connected to student outcomes or linked to progression pay. In addition, the project will review the impact it has both on teachers and students. The research comments on whether there has been an include in policy reforms and the introduction of pay scales that could affect teachers’ pay. As a recommendation by the UK Department for Education’s School Teacher’s Review Body (STRB), a reform was introduced in 2013. Thus, the proposed short-term project investigates the pay policies adopted by local authorities and aimed at schools for every school year since the reforms.

My role was to complete an examined LA- specific pay recommendation documents, constructing a recommended approach to categorising these from all areas across the UK from 2013 – 2017. In addition, I conducted a bespoke data set to review and complete a preliminary analysis of this data to gain substantive insights into developing a large-N database, the fundamentals of quantitative data analysis and the specific context of the English teacher labour market.

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